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What are you doing to start reducing your utility costs?

Whether you want to save energy, water, money, or the planet, AEI can help you. We find that most people want to make economic sense when it comes down to greening up their buildings. Alternative energy upgrades are great to consider, but can be very costly with paybacks exceeding 25-30 years. Your first plan of attack should be low cost, energy conservation measures.

All buildings require the basic fundamentals such as proper lighting, ventilation, moisture control, and combustion safety. Comfort problems in your building are often brought about by the issues that cause energy inefficiency. No one knows your building better than you do. It is with your knowledge of the building comfort issues, and our energy auditing expertise that true efficient solutions are generated.

Let Us Work with you to reduce your energy use. Why not find out your building problems now and start saving resources and money right away. We will start with simple solutions that provide quick and efficient low cost benefits. Whether you are a builder, contractor, or manage Commercial, Government or Education buildings, call now to start reducing your energy demand.

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